Friday, July 3, 2009

Food Waste Friday

This is a Thing. Started by Kristen, Food Waste Friday is a chance for bloggers to take pictures of slimy, icky food! Yay!


Ok, it's actually a set day for people to go through their fridges, or freezers or pantries, and see if there's any food they've let go to waste. By documenting it the hope is that we can be more aware of what we're wasting, and ultimately reduce or eliminate waste all together. In case you needed a reason why, or if you just abnormally like statistics (what? Numbers are cool), get this: about 30% of edible food is wasted in the US and UK. (source) Mind you, those numbers are over ten years old...I wonder if things have changed at all? And in which direction?

It's pretty rare for me to throw out a significant amount of produce. Because I'm only one person, keeping track of what I have and what's about to go off is pretty simple. And I don't think I've ever let bananas go bad...usually if they're about to go critical I bake muffins or throw them in the freezer until I can do some baking. Unfortunately, these went south faster than I realized, and there was collateral damage: I made a sort-of fruit salad with a kiwi and had to chuck the whole thing. Which is annoying, because the kiwis at least were tasty. Ah well.


Kristen said...

SO glad to have you join us!

Kristen(aka The Frugal Girl)

Rae said...

Fruit and veg waste is a common issue; you've done really well through and point out how different it is when eating alone to catering for a family. Sorry to hear about the fruit salad :(

Well done and thanks for sharing your post with us :)

Mrs Green from