Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog love: Cheap Healthy Good

I've decided to start featuring blogs here that I visit often, and that I find particularly cool, amusing, or inspirational, or that I just think deserve more traffic. While I could just put up a list of links, this is more fun.

The first of these is the two year old blog Cheap Healthy Good. Every week, Kristen Swensson (along with columnists Leigh Angel and Jaime Green) delivers without fail a collection of recipes and related articles that live up to the blog's stated aim of promoting healthy and delicious food on a budget. And all this without delving into the realm of mystery ingredients or bizzare coupon combinations.

The food is relatively seasonal (there is a useful list of in-season produce for the northeast US on a sidebar) and accompanied by tasty photography and funny commentary. All of the recipes on CHG include nutrition and cost breakdowns. Recent dishes include Escarole and White Beans, Quinoa with Mustard Greens and Shiitake Mushrooms, Sublime Fruit Salad with Mint, and South Indian Cabbage. One thing I particularly like is the frequent inclusion of recipes for greens, which are some of my favourite vegetables (and are all over the market this time of year!)

Apart from the recipes, there are articles about cooking techniques and philosophy (really!), the food industry and food media, and large weekly link collections to interesting stories elsewhere on the internet.

In short, CHG is a great recipe resource and a wonderful read. If you've never visited, a good place to begin is this recent post listing the top ten recipes of the site's second year of existence.

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