Sunday, June 12, 2011

On my to-cook list

  • arepas
  • paella
  • fried rice
  • pasta with tomatoes, white beans, fresh oregano and rosemary
  • massaman Thai curry (using leftover roast chicken)
  • merguez and couscous and tomato/cuke/onion salad
  • tabbouleh with chickpeas
  • black bean burgers

Cinnamon buns

I made cinnamon buns, after many times of thinking "I should make cinnamon buns" and then not doing it.

I tried to follow this recipe but ended up making several modifications due to not having stuff. I omitted the pecan sauce in the bottom of the pan because I had no suitable nuts and wasn't really feeling the sticky buns anyway, and I was nearly out of butter, so I subbed canola oil in the dough (I did have enough butter to brush on the buns before adding the filling) I was also out of eggs, so I left out the yolks too, and added about a TB more oil to the dough. I also used lemon zest instead of orange. Finally, I upped the amount of filling by about a third more, since I wasn't putting in the caramel sauce, and doubled the cinnamon on top of that for extra deliciousness.

I'm amazed that even with all of my messing with the recipe, they turned out fantastic! The dough is super soft and fragrant (I don't make sweet dough much, maybe I should) and the final result was delicious. I ate two for breakfast.