Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crisis at 0ºC

I reached a point where I had to actually take stuff out of my freezer and store it in the fridge for a couple days in order to be able to close the freezer door. The issue was mostly the 6 different varieties of soup (something like 15 servings total) I have in there. Plus a bunch of other stuff. So yeah, my name is Kate and I am a soupaholic.

But I've managed to deal with the problem by....eating lots of soup. It's actually a good thing I did have that much, to be honest, because I've been working a lot and not wanting to cook many nights. (I know, crazy) Plus, being able to pop a frozen block of soup and an apple in my bag for lunch = very handy.

I bought a buttercup squash a little while ago, and today I picked up some cheese and spinach, and tomorrow I'm going to make a cheesy squashy baked pasta thing that sort of exists in my head and is sort of spread out over several foodblogs. The spinach is so I can eat just that for dinner and not feel like I'm shorting myself on vegetables. One of the consequences of being so busy is that I've become enamored of simple one-dish meals (see: soup crisis), which is not in itself a bad thing. Less dishes to wash, anyway.

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